Shiprock, NM Office

Shiprock AML Reclamation Program
P.O. Box 3605
1 Uranium Blvd
Shiprock, N.M. 87420
Toll Free at 1-800-215-6226
Fax: (505) 368-1227





Rose Grey

Program Manager II

Bertha Matchers

Administrative Assistant

Leon Spencer

Program & Projects Specialist   

Melvin Yazzie

Principal Mining Engineer

Gilbert Dayzie

Civil Engineer II

Lorenzo Begay

Principal Engineering Technician

Anselm John

Engineering Technician

Victor Lee

GIS Technician

Joni Tallbull

Senior Environmental Specialist



October 11-13, 2018—Western Navajo Fair & Parade, Tuba City, AZ

October 22, 2018—STEM Event Day @ Whitehorse High School, Whitehorse, UT

October 23, 2018—STEM Event Day @ Red Mesa High School, Red Mesa, AZ

October 25, 2018—STEM-sation Event Day @ Navajo Prep High School, Farmington, NM

October 25, 2018—Dine Uranium Remediation Advisory Commission Mtg. Rough Rock Chapter House

November 8, 2018—STEM-sation Event Day @ Chinle High School, Chinle, AZ

November 16-17, 2018—Monument Valley Balloon Festival, Monument Valley, UT

November 29, 2018—Dine Uranium Remediation Advisory Commission Mtg.  Dine College Tsaile, AZ


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