Community Outreach

Navajo AML/UMTRA is actively providing the public with information on department’s accomplishments and the collective activities under Division of Natural Resources (DNR).  This has included personal visits (one on one) with residences during the project development activities, interaction with chapter houses, presentations at schools/colleges/conferences, partnering meetings and other requests for information opportunities.  Statistical information, goals, accomplishments and future plans are available in the form of brochures, reports, fact sheets, pictures, posters, and AML PowerPoint presentations.  Navajo AML has initiated a more proactive approach to Public Relations with the introduction of “DIGGER” our AML mascot to the public during recent rounds of Navajo Nation Fairs and public meetings.  We will continue to provide information via our website, through social media Facebook, Instagram, and LinkenIn.  AML staff have become more active in providing our partners at the local, state and national levels with statistical information, accomplishments, and future plans for our Navajo Nation AML/UMTRA Department.



Western Regional Award Winner: Coyote Canyon Coal Fire Mitigation, Coyote Canyon, New Mexico

The Coyote Canyon Coal Fire Mitigation Project chooses Navajo Nation AML Program as the Western Regional Award Winner for permanently extinguishing a coal seam fire that had been burning on the Navajo Nation, within the boundaries of the Coyote Canyon Chapter. The Navajo AML Program developed the technical specifications needed and demonstrated how to successfully address a coal mine fire on time and on budget.

The Navajo AML program worked diligently to extinguish a coal mine fire that had been burning since the 1930s after it discovered the fire was starting to cause subsidence and affecting nearby families, livestock and wildlife. A follow up survey was conducted a year after project completion and methane tests confirmed that the fire had not reignited. Safety hazards posed by the fire have been eliminated, and approximately five acres of land have been improved for recreation and as open range.

AML/UMTRA Flyer 2019

Navajo Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation Department Flyer 2019

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