2002-2014 Public Facility Projects

The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA), Section 411 was added to implement Public Facility Projects (PFP) and as amended in 2006, authorizes the Program to use the Navajo Abandoned Mine Reclamation Funds for PFP's.  The Navajo AML Program now has the responsibility to manage PFP's as authorized in SMCRA and the Navajo Reclamation Code and Plan.

Applicants may request up to $400,000 of PFP grant funds for Navajo communities directly impacted by present and past coal or other mineral mining activities on the Navajo Nation.

The project grant funds are competitive awards for innovative, community-based projects with leverage funds for CONSTRUCTION of public facility projects to benefit the community.  Eligible applicants include Chapters, Navajo Nation Departments, and entities with a supporting chapter resolution.

Year 2002
Project Name State PFP Funds
1. San Juan Multi-Purpose Facility NM $ 300,000.00
2. Black Mesa Power Line Extension AZ $ 297,031.48
3. Coppermine Power Line Extension AZ $60,139.73
4.Coalmine Multi-Purpose Facility AZ $300,000.00
5.Twin Lakes Sr. Center Power, Water, Sewer Line Ext NM $ 214,730.80
6. Beclabito Head Start Phase 1 NM $200,000.00
7. Fort Defiance Power Line Extension AZ $189,530.09
8. Monument Valley Arts & Crafts Mall UT $300,000.00
9. Rough Rock Senior Center AZ $300,000.00
10. Navajo Parks & Rec. Upper Antelope Canyon Access Rd. AZ $129,000.00
11. Aneth Water Well UT $300,000.00
12. Lake Valley Senior Center NM $300,000.00
13. Oljato Senior Center UT $295,000.00
14. Coalmine Water Line Extension AZ $101,400.00
15. Tachee/Blue Gap Senior Center AZ $300,000.00
16. Cove Senior Center AZ $300,000.00
17. Canoncito Band of Navajo's Behavioral Health Clinic NM $300,000.00
18. Denehotso Cane Valley Community Water System UT $129,000.00
TOTAL $4,315,832.10


Year 2003
Project Name State PFP Funds
1. Chinle Valley School, Inc. 3 Group Homes/Dorm Renov AZ $ 300,000.00
2. Standing Rock Chapter Renovation/Parking Lot  NM 140,000.00
3. Tuba City Monave Power Line Extension AZ 9,480.00
4. Cameron Dzil Li Bei Elementary Water Project AZ 299,700.00
5. White Cone Multi-Purpose Center, Phase II  AZ 300,000.00
6. Huefano Multi-Purpose Center NM 150,000.00
TOTAL 1,199,180.00


Year 2004
Project Name State PFP Funds
1. Shonto Industrial Park Infrastructure AZ $300,000.00
2. Hogback Shiprock Veterans Office Building NM $300,000.00
3. Shiprock M/P, Infrastructure Development, Phase III NM $300,000.00
4. Crownpoint Office of Dine Youth Recreation Facility NM $22,919.00
5. Upper Fruitland Chapter House Facility Project  NM  $300,000.00
6. Dilkon Sewage Lagoon Expansion, Phase II AZ  $107,590.00
TOTAL 1,329,600.00


Year 2005
Project Name State PFP Funds
Bodaway/Gap Hardy Power Line Extension AZ 113,000.00
Bread Springs Water Well NM 300,000.00
Nenahnzad Navajo Preparatory School, Phase II NM 300,000.00
TOTAL 713,000.00