"Partnership is a problem solving mechanism for Navajo AML"

Navajo AML's experience and expertise is primarily in the areas of coal/non-coal reclamation and public facility projects. The implementation of these projects involve numerous steps; beginning with project development, planning, implementation, monitoring and close-outs. Our objective is to complete every project in an efficient and cost effective manner benefiting the Nation and the Dine' people. Our staff is steadfast, accommodating, open-minded and proactive; always striving to be results-oriented. Navajo AML has a good track record in getting projects done and is constantly seeking new partnership opportunities and innovative ideas to help the Dine' people and other entities.

By formulating new partnership we increase the motivation of those involved. Having that chance to "succeed" in every situation is the rational for strong partnerships benefiting the Dine' people and communities. Navajo AML has a wide range of expertise, a valuable resource that can be tapped and explored for future development. The outside resources and contacts developed through the years have been very resourceful and important to our program in accomplishing our goals, objectives and most of all our completed projects.