Navajo AML has been able to promote our program through an effective Public Relations program that has been recognized by others. This has lead to five (5) OSM awards for our reclamation efforts and numerous partnering opportunities.

NOTE: The environmental problems related to remaining uranium mine waste at AML sites are due to access issues. Mine waste in these areas are impossible to access due to the steep terrain generally located in the high mesas and/or mountainous regions. The *Cameron area is also an area of concern since the mine sites are located close to the groundwater, thus concerns are for the geologic structure being the host to the uranium and not necessarily the uranium mine waste.


The first step is restoring the lands to its natural state prior to mining. Returning the traditional and recreational use of the land; preserving the natural habitats for wildlife is beneficial for the Navajo Nation and its people. The emotional scars from uranium mining may never heal, but over time they may be more tolerable. Although in some areas there might still be some waste on the steep slopes, however the majority have been stabilized with all hazards eliminated..